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Best tablet for a web developer – connectivity

Hi all,
I am looking to get a tablet and have done a fair amount of research, but would really appreciate the view of the Experts.
My main goal is that I want to show off my work remotely to potential clients. The majority of my work is developing websites, but also do social media, and would like to develop apps.
The most important requirement is connectivity. I need to be able to demonstrate my development work remotely. Therefore what is you opinion on the performance of inbuilt  3g or external wifi 3g hub.  
Are there performance issue between the two. i.e an ipad (or other device) with inbuilt 3g or using a 3g hub connected by wifi.
Are there difference on different operating systems (apple windows android)
Are there differences devices, do all makes perform evenly or do some not allow tethering etc..
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