Best tablet for a web developer – connectivity

Hi all,
I am looking to get a tablet and have done a fair amount of research, but would really appreciate the view of the Experts.
My main goal is that I want to show off my work remotely to potential clients. The majority of my work is developing websites, but also do social media, and would like to develop apps.
The most important requirement is connectivity. I need to be able to demonstrate my development work remotely. Therefore what is you opinion on the performance of inbuilt  3g or external wifi 3g hub.  
Are there performance issue between the two. i.e an ipad (or other device) with inbuilt 3g or using a 3g hub connected by wifi.
Are there difference on different operating systems (apple windows android)
Are there differences devices, do all makes perform evenly or do some not allow tethering etc..
Simon CrippsOwnerAsked:
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For a developer i would avoid Apple really and go for an android. The Sony Tablet S is a great pad that we newly brought in for a customer, they are very happy with them.

The reason why i say no to apple is there inablity to adapt and the way they lock down the systems. The lack of Flash support is appalling to be honest. Not letting the user install any apps on the device could bite you in the behind in the future as well.

As a developer i think you would get more out of an android.

As far as i know almost all tablets on the market work with tethering but i would go for one with 3g in as some phones etc cut the 3g when your phone rings if you dont have a strong enough signal and the better performace from the internet on a tablet vs phone
Oh yeh, last but not least. With android you have the possibility to develop apps without having to go via apple. Weve had some apps made for customers, these arnt apps we want everyone to have access to so android was the only option.
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Something you may want to consider for connectivity is to get a WiFi only device and spring for a Verizon MiFi thingy (  This gives you several advantages over the built-in stuff in the iPad or other tablets:

1) 4G
2) Ability to connect you AND your clients at the same time
3) Longer battery life on the tablet since it won't be constantly checking the celluar network when not in use


1) Another device, and charger, to carry
2) The battery life of the MiFi probably won't match that of the tablet.

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Simon CrippsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Great solution Jason, many thanks
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