Removing a died DC

Hello experts,

We have two DCs in our organization. Both of them are in the same subnet and running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.

One of them is making some problems and having lot of errors in event log.

I decided to demote it, and then re-build again.

The problem is that it's not accepting DC promo. it is saying that it cannot find any other DC.

The question: is it safe to format the problem DC and then remove it manually from the directory? If yes, how to remove it?
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Do a DCPROMO /force removal

You can then delete the computer from AD (2008R2 will do the metadata clean-up for you)
On the working DC, if you go to Active directory sites and services, do you see the old DC?

If Yes, all the data isnt gone, you should remove it from there as well, but even so formating the DC wont effect the domain as long as one is alive.

If no, you can reinstall right off.

Just make sure your only working DC right now has taken all teh FSMO roles alright.

Yes, u need to use ntdsutil to clean metadata. Http//

Try using dcpromo /forceremoval switch. Run it from elevated command prompt.

Then follow the following article to perform metadata cleanup.
use ntdstuil method

Make sure to take systemstate backup before performing this.

Hi Muhajreen,

If you want to move ahead at the same stage, Refer article:
It talks about the your first option.

Now if you want to remove the DC from the Ad, go for NTDS metadata cleanup .
Follow this article:

Thank you
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