SBS 2003 & Remote access

I've just taken on sorting a friends small 3 user SBS network & now have everything running as near normal excep that they want access to emails etc remotely from ANY pc out there in the wide internet world as they travel a lot. My initial reaction was Remote Desktop but cant get it to work non vpn (even for my administrator access to sort out issues). Other than the obvious logmein etc  can anyone point me in a step by step guide to getting it working?
Network consists of:
1 x SBS 2003 server
2 x windows 7 pcs with office 2010
1 x windows xp with office 2003
Richard GrayIT & QA ManagerAsked:
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Teamviewer defiantely does not more and it is not free, but if happy, I guess that is all that matters.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
If you run the CEICW (Configure e-mail and Internet Connection Wizard) under server management | Internet and e-mail, there is an option to enable Remote Web Workplace.
You then need to forward ports 443 and 4125 from the router to the SBS.
Assuming you have a public DNS name for the server like they should be able to connect using it or the IP by using (note httpS)
or  (using the site's public IP)
If you have not installed a certificate, they will get a certificate error message but can click continue and they should be presented with the RWW logon page.
The machines need to have been joined to the domain using the http://SBSname/connect computer wizard and the users created with the SBS wizard in order for PC's to show up and users be able to connect. If you get to the page but cannot access a PC let us know and we can help 'tweak' the permissions and AD OU placement.
The SBS should be fully up to date with service packs and rollups for Win7 machines to work.
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Richard GrayIT & QA ManagerAuthor Commented:
Hmmm I only have the option for remote access VPN or dial up...nothing about Remote Web Workplace???
In Routing and Remote Access add the port 3389 for RDP and if Windows firewall is enabled add 3389 to the exclusion list.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
The following options should exists:
Outlook Web Access
Remote Web Workplace
Server Performance and Usage Reports
Outlook Mobile Access
Outlook Via the Internet
Windows Sharepoint Services and intranet site
Business Web Site

If any are missing it means someone has modified the default installation.
To resolve under add/remove programs locate SBS 2003 and select change. This will put a "complete SBS setup" icon on the desktop. This can be run to add the other components back in.

WARNING: on an old existing server, that you mention had problems, and has presumably service packs installed, could have devastating results. I would not try this unless you have a full system back up with which you are sure you can recover the server.
 I would discourage you from using 3389 to any computers.
VPN setup=

Alternatively you can use the VPN. If you just need Outlook rpc/http is your best option, even better than RWW or OWA.
Richard GrayIT & QA ManagerAuthor Commented:
Sorry for the delay...
They ended up wanting so much more... so used TEAMVIEW & they are happy
Richard GrayIT & QA ManagerAuthor Commented:
it does what they want... thanks for your help
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