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Migrate Sharepoint 3.0 site (Small Business Server 2008) to New farm on different domain

Hi All,

We have recently purchased a new company and now it is time to move them over to the corporate infrastructure. The company that we have just purchased is currently running SBS 2008 with a SharePoint v3.0 site. We would now like to move this database to our farm which is on a different domain. I would like to create another webapp and attach the database to that...

The steps i have been through have been,

Create a new webapp with content db
Restore contentdb from SBS server to farm SQL server
Detach new content db and attach new one
Assign service account as admin
The site is now accessible

The issue we have now is we need to recreate all users Active Directory accounts that exististed on the AD domain and receate on the new server - is there away of getting a report with ad accounts and which sites they had access to?
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