BES server on exch 2003 being migrated to exch 2010

My client is running exch 2003 now with a BES server version 4.1.xx something. We have now installed an exch 2010 server which we will be migrating the users over to. My question is, what do I need to do to the BES server to get the users to be able to get their email on their Blackberries once they are migrated over to exch 2010?
Do I need to do anything to the blackberry devices if there is nothing needed on the xch 2010 server?
Any help would be great along with the steps needed to be completed.
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You shouldn't really need to do anything on the devices. The only thing you will need to do is make sure the BES admin account has the appropriate permissions on exchange set up.
There are quite a few things that need doing, there is a KB on blackberry website detailing what you need to setup.

Also from experience after you have moved users its worth giving the bes server a reboot so it logs into the new server.

Hope that helps!!

Dave J

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vmichAuthor Commented:
So the other question I have also, is there going to be any issue with having users some being on exch 2003 and exch 2010 at the same time and still both be able to use the blackberry's or should I migrate all that have the blackberry's at the same time?
The migration from exch 2003 to 2010 and is going to take about a month because of how many users and the size of the database.
You will be fine with users on both servers. We took over 6 month to migrate to 2007. I have occasionally seen it where once the mail box has moved the server does not reconnect to the mailbox. But rebooting the bes has always fixed it and it dosent happen every time.

Hope that helps

Dave J
vmichAuthor Commented:
This link to the document worked like a charm. Once I setup the permissions for the besadmin account on the exch 2010 server, the 2003 users once migrated, workd just fine on the 2010 server via their black berry devices.
Thanks for the great information.
No worries! Glad I was able to help!
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