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K3765 HSPA USB Stick (3G modem) Issue

Two users are sharing a laptop with Windows XP Pro SP2. They have one K3765 HSPA USB Stick (3G modem). The laptop detects and displays the modem correctly in both Windows profiles. The one user can open the Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite software and connect to the 3G network using this modem. When the other user logs into his profile and starts up the software, it says "No Device". The Manage Devices section shows the modem as the default device but does not load it at all. When we switch back to the other user profile, it works perfectly.
Some points:
The users are on a domain so we cannot connect on the one profile and then use fast user switching to change users. Assuming that this would even work.
The Vodafone Mobile Connect Lite software was actually installed using the user account which is experiencing problems
We have done a complete reinstall of both the software and the USB root hubs on the machine. It still only works in the one profile.
We have tried all the USB ports on the machine.
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