How to format and concatenate fields in an SQL server view

I am creating a view in an SQL server database and need to combine two fields to create a new field.  The two fields are AccountingPeriod which is a a smallint field which can contain the values 0 through 12 and AccountingYear which is a smallint field containing the four digit year.
I want to use these fields to create a new char(4) field which is the period and the last two digits of the year (ex. AccountingPeriod 3 and AccountingYear 2011 would become "0311")
What is the syntax that I would use to create this field
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Lee SavidgeCommented:
select '0' + right(cast(isnull(AccountingPeriod, 0) as nvarchar(2)), 2) + right(cast(AccountingYear as nvarchar(4)), 2) as periodyear
dsoderstromAuthor Commented:
I had to remove the "select" at the beginning of your code and the "as periodyear" at the end in order for my view to work.  So I end up with the following:

'0' + RIGHT (CAST(ISNULL(dbo.FS_GLBatchHeader.AccountingPeriod, 0) AS nvarchar(2)), 2) + RIGHT (CAST(dbo.FS_GLBatchHeader.AccountingYear AS nvarchar(4)), 2)

This works except for when the AccountingPeriod is a 2 charactor month.  For example, if the AccountingPeriod is 12 and the year is 2010, I get "01210".  I need it to be "1210".
 What do I need to change?
Lee SavidgeCommented:
Well, yes you would have to remove the select and column alias as the code I gave was an example to get some output.

To fix the issue in my code:

RIGHT ('0' + CAST(ISNULL(dbo.FS_GLBatchHeader.AccountingPeriod, 0) AS nvarchar(2)), 2) + RIGHT (CAST(dbo.FS_GLBatchHeader.AccountingYear AS nvarchar(4)), 2)

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