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I am trying to assign rights for ALL of our users to be able to see subject and creator details for Calendar appointments on ALL of our Equipment and Rooms.  Currently everyone can only see free/busy details?  Any ideas?

Exchange 2010 SP1
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The following roles apply specifically to calendar folders:
AvailabilityOnly   View only availability data
LimitedDetails   View availability data with subject and location

Related link:

Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity Resource:\Calendar -User -AccessRights LimitedDetails


Else, we can grant the user or group to have the review permission too
Have you tried by adding users to a security group and allowing permission on all the boxes for that group.
PhillipsPlasticsAuthor Commented:
I had to assign LimitedDetails to the 'Anonymous' and to 'Default' BOTH, and then every user could see what they needed.

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