Automating Perl Script


I want to automate a  Perl script to run daily. Right now I am executing it from the command line as

uniserver:/usr/qa/Scripts/files> ./  filename

where is the script and the filename is the file it has to process.(like input file)

but when automating how can I call the script with the filename.

I tried it wrap it up in another script as:


do '/usr/qa/Scripts/files> ./  filename'      

and call the above script in Cron  but it is not working.

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why cant u hard code the variable inside the script..

instead of $1 ..use this my $filename=filename
new_perl_userAuthor Commented:

nemws1Database AdministratorCommented:
If you have a script in 'cron' that depends on a file in a local directory, you can do one of 2 things, either 'cd' to the directory first in your crontab and then "&&" the script you want to run (this is also what you want to do if your script opens a file for output and you want it in the same directory):
#min hour day.of.month month day.of.week command
30 3 * * * cd /usr/qa/Scripts/files && ./ filename

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Or just give the full path to both the script and the filename:
#min hour day.of.month month day.of.week command
30 3 * * * /usr/qa/Scripts/files/ /usr/qa/Scripts/files/filename

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new_perl_userAuthor Commented:

I tried earlier the second one but it did not work. will try the first option and will update.
Did the cron job fire? Did the script start?

If the cron job fired and script started but failed, or script proved unstartable root would get a mail about the problem.
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