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Client wants to have me create an online form for people to select samples from.  I have done online forms before but have never included thumbnail images in an online form before.  Will that be an option?  The goal is to have all 20+ samples displayed with a checkbox that you can pick the white, gray and yellow samples and ask that they be shipped.  The form is in asp.  I inherited the site and will simply modify the asp page in Dreamweaver
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Sure you can include images in asp form. It is still an asp script. Then you need another asp page, that will take the selected data and process it (save it to database, send it as email, etc. whatever you need to do with it).
nsitedesignsAuthor Commented:
There is a working form online already that is in asp.  I will be modifying the fields of that form and then putting in thumbnails.  Sounds like, from your reply, that doing so will not be an issue. Right?
You should not have any issues using images in any form. Just make sure that your checkboxes will have the appropriate value set on submission and you should be good to go.
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