Exchange 2010 Inbox Server Rules with Powershell

Hi folks,

I have the following scenario with Exchange 2010:

I have a user "Bob" who has two e-mails, "" and "". I want to setup a server rule whereby any e-mails sent to "" go into a separate folder on arrival, with e-mails to "" just going into the inbox as usual.

I've been trying to use Powershell commands to get this working but I've so far failed dismally. Does anyone know what powershell command I need to use to get this to work?


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Dan ArseneauCommented:
I think if you setup a Transport Rule in Exchange that first checks for a string in the Recipients Address then Prepends something in the Subject line, then an Outlook rule that checks for this entry in the Subject will be a server-side rule.
Is there a specific reason you want to do this using powershell? You'd save a lot of time and effort just setting these rules up in outlook.
solversAuthor Commented:
Hi there,

Thats what I tried first, when setup these rules in Outlook 2007 I selected "Black rule", "Check messages on arrival" then "with specific words in the recipients address". I'd then search for the string "" then set it to filter into another folder. I couldn't find another way to differentiate between e-mail addresses, for example if you use "sent to people or distribution list" it only shows me the useres in the GAL, not aliases. Anyway, this rule didn't work. Also when setting it up this way, it sets it up as a client only rule, and I want it to be a server rule.

If anyone knows of another way I can do this successfully through Outlook that would suffice.


by 2 email addresses you mean aliases for the same mailbox right ?

then this will not work in anyway, exchange will always resolve both emails to the GAL name so a rule won't be able to differentiate between them

what you should do is
1) remove  "" from the alias list
2) create a new mailbox for bobby
3) forward the mailbox of bobby to the mailbox of bob
4) sent the rule in outlook based on sent to

solversAuthor Commented:
Thankyou, I will test these suggestions out in order over the weekend and get back to you all.


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