How can I delete POP3service.log

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I have a 2008 SBS server which is dangerously low on space on the C Drive. I've found a log file called pop3service.log which is 1.5GB but I can't find a way of deleting it.  I don't even use POP3 connectors anymore on this server so don't need it. Is there anything I can do to get rid of the log file permanently or dramtically reduce it's size? Until I can find a way to do this Exchange won't run due to there not being enough space left on the C Drive!


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If you stop the pop3 connector service you should be able to remove the log file. As far as im aware if it ever starts again it would recreate the file. Although ive not tested this so it might be worth moving the log rather than deleting it.

Hope that helps!

Dave J
Please check this...

To manually remove the POP3 Connector
Note: If you remove the POP3 Connector, you erase all site-specific configurations, including account mappings and schedule changes.
1.      If you want to, you can save your site-specific configurations by doing the following:
a.      Open the Windows SBS Console.
b.      Click the Network tab, and then click Connectivity.
c.      Click POP3 Connector, and then, in Tasks, click View POP3 Connector properties.
d.      Record all account and schedule information, and then click OK.
2.      Log on as an administrator to the server that is running Windows SBS 2008.
3.      Click Start, in Start Search type cmd, right-click cmd.exe, and then click Run as Administrator.
4.      Navigate to %programfiles%\Windows Small Business Server\Data.
5.      Type del pop3records.dat, and then press ENTER.
Note: If the file does not exist, the Command Prompt window returns a message that says, “Could not find <filename>.” Continue with the next step.
6.      Type net stop pop3connector, and then press ENTER.
7.      Type sc delete pop3connector, and then press ENTER.
amlydiateAuthor Commented:
Many thanks, both replies really helped me to sort this out.
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