Setting up VPN in Ubuntu 10.04 -- neet SSTP or L2TP

My VPN service says it needs SSTP or less preferably L2TP connection type.

But in my network connections dialog, i click ADD and the only type I get is PPTP.

Do you know how I can the other types of connections in Ubunut 10.04
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polaatxAuthor Commented:
Hello, I downloaed it but have no idea how to use it. Instructions go right over my head. cna you help?

SSTP-CLIENT on Ubuntu:
It's pretty simple to integrate sstp-client into the Ubuntu / Debian distribution
distribution. An example script is provided in support/peer-sstp-example.txt

- Specify your MSCHAP password in /etc/ppp/chap-secrets
  Example Entry:
     SSTP-TEST\\JonDoe  sstp-test   'testme1234!'    *
- Create a connect script in /etc/ppp/peers/sstp-test, similar to the example
  provided in ./support. Swap out user-name as appropriate
- Start the script as: pon sstp-test
Here is a network manager for sstp-client, you'll need git to clone the repo.

Here's a how-to on L2TP :

polaatxAuthor Commented:
Hello seanmccully: still requires installation of SSTP-CLIENT which sends me the earlier problem of not being able to follow the installation instructions.

I give up but thank you all for the efforts.
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