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If someone could give me a brief outline - i need to create a form in apex where i have static data on the top have of the page like say customer details. Then lots off tabs on the bottom half of the page which i can click on each tab and see different information about the cusomter - how to i create this in apex.

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gatorvipConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You would most likely have to create your own theme with customized templates. The default APEX behavior is to display one region at the top, followed (vertically) by one or two sets of tabs, then the rest of the page.

Without knowing anything about your specific situation, one possible solution would be to display some static information in region 1 , then your tabs, which link to separate pages where you can display your pages.

Google "Application Express region position" or look in the APEX documentation to see how regions are displayed.
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