Exchange 2007/ AD 2003 Migration

My one customer have small setuo they want to migrate their exchange and active directory servers.

AD is on 2003
Exchange is on 2007

what is the preffered method to go ahead with migration should i move first with AD migration or first on exchange migration.

AD 2008
Exchange 2010.
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MAS (MVE)EE Solution GuideCommented:
As mentioned above both way you can do.

Exchange2007/2010 is tightly integrated with AD

You install 2008 AD and transfer all the roles to the newly installed server.
Then change the DNS IP in exchange 2007 and run the command ' /prepareAD'
After this command you have to make sure your exchange2007 is error free
configure the new AD IP in exchange2010 network settings (DNS IPs)
Start Exchange2010 installation
Move all your mailboxes and Public folders to exchange2010
Then decommission exchange 2007
Make sure your exchange2010 is error free


You can install exchange 2010
Move all the mailboxes/Public folders to exchange2010
Then decommission exchange 2007
Install 2008 AD and transfer all the roles
Change the DNS IP in exchange2010 server to the newly installed AD
Then run this command ' /prepareAD'
Make your new exchange2010 error free

Note: Be very careful when transferring FSMO roles. Using the Ntdsutil utility incorrectly may result in partial or complete loss of Active Directory functionality.
Although either way would work id upgrade the AD first then migrate exchange.

Hope that helps!

Dave J
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