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Hi guys,

I currently have an Exchange 2007 SP3 environment. A user sent an email to a google email address, but google rejected the message citing invalid attachments.

Question is, how can I check the file name and extension of the attachment? I have the message ID, but on message tracker it doesn't show anything about attachments.

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Sadly that isn't possible from Exchange.. check if you have spam applicance after exchange and if maintains what is being sent... that only possibility
1. Create a send connector for and add invalid smarthost

2. Ask user to resend the message from sent items.

3. Export the message from queue viewer and check what is being sent.


1. Ask the user to send it again.

2. Collect netmon and check.
ddiazpAuthor Commented:
Is there something I can do to view attachments already sent? I alreayd identified the extension of the attachment being sent, but for future emails I don't want to have to ask the user what was sent, or ask him to re-send the email if it fails.

Is there a log file or transaction log file i can check with the message ID and see the actual message with the attachment?
ddiazpAuthor Commented:
I guess i dont have a choice but to accept your answer. Thanks
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