Add Primary Key To Replicated Table

I goofed about a year ago when I created a table without a primary key set.  The full table is now an article in a merge publication.  I am now having issues with using it as a data service and I want to correct it.
Management Studio warns me about a validation error if I try and add a primary key to the table:

'CompanyListing' table
- Error validating the default for column 'rowguid'.

Is there an easy way to fix this or do I need cancel replication, fix the table, then republish?

BTW, it is SQL 2008 Workgroup Edition
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Anthony PerkinsCommented:
You will need to delete the article from Replication, make the correction and add it back in to the Publication.
nemws1Database AdministratorCommented:
Is it possible that you have a duplicate value for 'rowguid' in 'CompanyListing' and that's the core problem?  Perhaps if you fix that problem, you can create the proper index.
KilmiesterAuthor Commented:
If there was a duplicate rowguid I would have had replication failures.  But I ran a query anyways and 0 duplicates were returned.
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