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Powerpoint Excel links update issues

One of my users has a large PPT presentation that has multiple OLE links to chart objects and cells in 8 different Excel workbooks.  There are many different links to each workbook.  She reports that in the Links update dialog she used to see just the 8 workbooks (I'm not sure I believe this, but she could be right), and colud update them easily.  Now each individual link shows up in the dialog box.

When updating the links either from the dialog box or when opening the file, PPT now seems to be opening each file visibly in Excel and closing it again for each link, not just for each file.  This naturally takes forever.  She sometimes also gets the message 'File is unavailable and cannot be updated' when selecting just one link for update (all the linked Excel files definitely exist).

I don't think anything in the environment has changed, and the user claims no changes to have been made to her presentation or the linked Excel files. Any ideas?
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