Accessing internal Linux webserver from inside our network

We have a Windows 2008 SBS box as our PDC, and have an internal Linux server providing our website.  How do I redirect HTTP traffic to this internal server for our local PCs?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
You don't redirect. You have a few choices:

1) Just create your external DNS record as normal. A user typing will get the external address and, if your router is smart, will just loop traffic through the same interface. This *usually* works and on a site as small as SBS is usually in, won't overload the router at all.

2) You can create an A record in DNS for your existing internal zone. So a user typing "oursite" or similar will get to your site.  

3) If you *really really* want the user to be able to type and get the INTERNAL address (which shouldn't actually exist, as I'd never host an external web server on the LAN, but instead put it in the DMZ with a public address directly anyways...but that is a security discussion and outside of the scope of your answer), you would create what is commonly called "split-brain" DNS. You create a new zone for "" in the DNS server and create the root record (the only record for that zone) to use the internal address.


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Is the web server actually reachable by typing its IP address in a brower ? If so, just add a DNS host name for your website in the 2008 Dns server. (ie. intranet.mydomain.dom)
If the webserver is on the same network than your PCs, then there is no rediction needed. Just a new DNS host.

rsmcomputerAuthor Commented:
It seems our SBS Server's DNS is configured properly per your instructions, but internal DNS will not go directly to that internal address but keeps wanting to go out to the Internet then back in thru our router.  We may have a multiple problem, where our router needs to be restarted because external requests to our website are now failing.
Will try to reboot the router, and then if still not working, recreate the port forwarding for port 80.

Has router been reboot and 80 port forward recreated ?
rsmcomputerAuthor Commented:
My customer called in another Exchange consultant who spent the better part of the day solving the problem.  I was given no information on what took place.  Needless to say, I will not be going back to this site!
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