MySql performance -- joining to a view

I am running MySql 5.

I have a table that does effectivity dating to track users.  When a user goes inactive, has his performance goal changed, has his phone extension changed, etc., a new record is added.

I have a view on this table that presents the current data -- current active state, phone extension, performance goal, etc.

Currently the table has 346 records and the view 53.

I have a complex query that joins to the view.  But I can't add indexes to a view:

An EXPLAIN on the complex query suggests table scans of the table itself.

How should I optimize this?  Do I need to optimize the view itself by adding indexes to the table?  Surely I should not replace the view references in my complex query by pasting in the view definition as a derived table!

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Daniel WilsonAsked:
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I don't believe mySQL supports anything like Oracle's 'Materialized Views.'  It's been talked about but I don't believe it ever happened.  mySQL views can however use the indexes on the underlying tables.  Sometimes, you may have to include a column in the view that is indexed (to join on) that you wouldn't normally need in the view.  I also believe you can use index hints in your query.



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Daniel WilsonAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  That confirmed what I suspected.
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