Exchange 07, Outlook 2010, Automatic reply cannot be displayed, multiple exchange accounts, only 1 user.

I have a sbs2008 box that's using exchange 07.  Every user can set out of office replies no problem except one user.

This user is out of the office connecting using HTTP over RPC.  Works just fine.  This is however not their primary account, they have another exchange server using HTTP over RPC as their primary, which is also working just fine.

The user is able to set out of office replies on their primary account no problem, but the 2nd account it gives the error message "Automatic reply settings cannot be displayed because the server is currently unavailable. Try again later."

Both servers use self signed certificates.  Everything seems to work flawlessly except for the automatic replies on the 2nd exchange account.

Things to note:
1) Primary Exchange account is the same domain as the computer is joined to.
2) Secondary Exchange account is on a diff domain than the computer is joined to, PC is on Domain 1 (exchange acct 1).
3) Same domain users are able to set automatic replies no problem, but are internal users, joined to the domain, perhaps that makes a difference, or perhaps because they are on the same LAN? (maybe it's a dns problem, but making a host file change on that pc could possible break exchange account 1 from working?)

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Are both accounts set up for Outlook Anywhere (RPC over HTTP)?

Are these two different exchange orgs in different domains, or different domains in the same exchange organisation?

Does the user authenticate with the same account on both mailboxes? Does the user have access rights on both?

Are you able to set the OOF in Outlook Web App on the 2nd account?

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AmericareAuthor Commented:
I am able to log into the OWA and set the OOF.

The two accounts are on two different physical servers, on two different domains, which each host their own exchange.

The user has two separate user accounts on each organization as they are two completely different companies and domains.

Both servers use HTTP over RPC, every feature works except for out of office on the 2nd account, which I was able to set using OWA. (I didn't know you could do that, thanks for the tip that's a quick work around).

The machine has bot security certificates installed, and can RWW and connect to both the sharepoint site, as well as the desktop machines in the office.

Are you the administrator for both domains?
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AmericareAuthor Commented:
Yes, I am the admin for both domains.  I set up both boxes.
So you are testing the Outlook with two seperate profile correct?
profile-1: local-domain mailbox (as primary atleast)
profile-2: remote-domain mailbox (as primary atleast)

>> If you are not testing like the above one, can you please create the profiles differently and test for the same.

>> Do you have any other mailbox users accessing the remote-domain mailbox and able to access OOF?
(normally i would expect the autodiscover.remote-domain-email-address be resolvable from a non-domain joined computer to access the OOF)
AmericareAuthor Commented:
I have one profile.  Both accounts are active at the same time (accessible when outlook is open) no profile switching is required.  Using Outlook 2010.
Is the issue the same when you try accessing the rules for the second account?

Could you for testing purposes try to create a new profile for the second account as primary on the new profile and try to manage OOF/Rules? Does this work for the account?
OOf Rules and the "Outlook switches" will be applicable only for the primary profile not for the secondary\additional mailboxes
AmericareAuthor Commented:
It appears that you can't access the OOF functionality on the secondary account, only the primary.  The solution is to make two profiles, which isn't really a solution, or to log in and set your OOF using web access.

The webaccess while not a perfect solution, does get the job done.

Thanks for the help.
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