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IBM x3550 Warning Light Lit with no circular LED lights lit

Hello - We have an IBM x3550 Server with a warning light appearing and disappearing. When the warning light is lit on the front panel, there are no other lights lit when you pull the warning panel out to see what the error is. (Ex: the panel that tells you whether it's a fan error, or a hard drive error etc...) .. What confuses me is that the warning light turns off... then several hours later, it turns on, then back off again.

Is there a way I can tell what is wrong with the server? I've looked in the logs and haven't found anything that was significant.
Is there software that I can install that will tell me what the problem
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It the warning light solid or blinking?  What color (amber?)  If blinking amber, it seems to be acting like the Remind Button was activated.  No other warning lights are activated when in Remind mode.

This is not an explanation or solution, just an observation.

The remind button places the system-error LED on the front panel into Remind mode. In Remind mode, the system-error LED flashes rapidly until the problem is corrected, the system is restarted, or a new problem occurs. By placing the system-error LED indicator in Remind mode, you acknowledge that you are aware of the last failure but will not take immediate action to correct the problem. The remind function is handled by the BMC.
abvi-goodwillAuthor Commented:
It is a solid amber light.
Do you know of any other locations where I can look to see whether any errors? At this point, I can't see any problems with the server aside from the one amber light that comes on.

I have no better advice.  According to the service manual, in this situation:

"Use the Setup utility to check the system error log for information about the error".


But you already did that.
To view the error logs, complete the following steps:
1. Turn on the server.
2. When the prompt Press F1 for Setup is displayed, press F1. If you have set
both a power-on password and an administrator password, you must type the
administrator password to view the error logs.
3. Use one of the following procedures:
v To view the POST error log, select Event/Error Logs, and then select
System Event/Error Log.
v To view the BMC system event log, select Advanced Setup --> Baseboard
Management Controller (BMC) Settings --> BMC System Event Log
v To view the combined system event/error log that is generated by the Remote
Supervisor Adapter II SlimLine, select Event/Error logs, and then select RSA
II Event/Error Log. This choice is available only if an optional Remote
Supervisor Adapter II is installed.

kindly check the log and see what is the problem.

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