It has come to my attention that my company's emails are sometimes going into the Spam folder of some of our customers.  Is there a way to unblock this globally or does it need to be done 1 company at a time?
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First check blacklists.  Goto and put the IP's of your sending server(s).
Do your costumers have rules in place on their end?
As Papertrip mentions, your customers maybe in a networked environemnt that blacklist the email.
Yep check the "global" blacklists first, then we'll go from there.  If there are just a few specific destinations that this is happening to, then we'll need to check the policies they have for your domain(s) as Canus is saying.  Basically if this is only affecting a few destinations, and you aren't blacklisted, then the only thing you can do is talk to those companies and have them check logs/policies/etc.
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brendanosmithAuthor Commented:
We are not black listed as spammers there.  However there is a warning that our reverse DNS does not match our SMTP banner.  Could this be the cause?

That is possible.  You should reach out to the customers and find out why the mails are failing, and work on policy issues with them for your domains.  You could make the SMTP banner match, but what if you still have the same issues?

Long story short -- contact at least one of the customers and find out exactly why your mails are being treated as spam.  That should be your next step.
Yes reverse loops check can cause this issue.

Check if your domain can be bypassed by their antivirus software so they wont check for this..

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*antivirus software = antispam software .. sorry for typo
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