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I need a vbscript that will add a wireless network with psk in Windows XP SP2 and/or SP3.  I've been unable to find a viable and reliable solution thus far.  Here's what I've used so far, it works sometimes but I need a more reliable solution like netsh wlan for Windows 7.

Dim objShell:Set objShell=CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")
With objShell
  .Run "control netsetup.cpl"
  wscript.sleep 100000
  .AppActivate "Wireless Network Setup Wizard"
  .SendKeys "%NSN" & SSID & "%M" & "{TAB}" & " n"
  .SendKeys "%W" & Key
  .SendKeys "%O" & Key
  .SendKeys "%NSN+{Tab}~"
End With
Set objShell=Nothing

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Arman KhodabandeIT Manager and ConsultantCommented:
This would do the job :

Work on it and make your script based upon it.
crash1624Author Commented:
I appreciate the input but I need an option that does not require installation of third party software.  I have hundreds of XP based machines to push this out to.  There has to be a suitable option built into the OS like netsh wlan for Vista/7.
Arman KhodabandeIT Manager and ConsultantCommented:
Your own script is the best method!
I don't think that you find it in XP!
Or at least I can't come up with a better solution. We'll wait for other experts to answer.
Good luck

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crash1624Author Commented:
I agree, I don't see a better solution for XP.  Thanks for the input though.
Arman KhodabandeIT Manager and ConsultantCommented:
If you want to refine your script to work most of the time just increase the timing in case of a delay. However your timings are good and long enough to make it work!
"I've been unable to find a viable and reliable solution" >> Your script is reliable already! But I know that you looked for a real script not a physical way like this!
Using that 3rd party utility is good and reliable too.
Anyway depends on your choice . . .
Good luck
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