Cf9 and cfgrid issue

Hello experts.
I have a problem with my cfgrid's.
Since i changed from cf8 to cf9 i get the following error:
Attribute validation error for the CFGRID tag.
height/width attribute cannot be a percentage value.

My Grid:
<cfgrid name="Texttablegrid" format="html" pagesize="30" insert = "Yes"   sort="yes" width="100%"
    rowheaderbold="yes" colHeaderBold = "Yes"    pictureBar="yes" hspace="0" vspace="0"  bind="cfc:cfc.Texttable.getTexttable({cfgridpage},{cfgridpagesize},{cfgridsortcolumn},{cfgridsortdirection},{filtercolumn},{filter})" selectmode="edit" onchange= "cfc:cfc.Texttable.updateTexttable({cfGridAction},{cfgridrow},{cfgridchanged})">
      <cfgridcolumn name="TABLE_ID" header="Table_id"  select="no" display="false"/>
      <cfgridcolumn name="Text_ID" header="Text ID" type="numeric" numberformat="9" display="false"/>
      <cfgridcolumn name="TEXT" header="Text" />
      <cfgridcolumn name="LangID" header="Language ID" type="numeric"/>

Any help?
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Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOCommented:
you cannot set the width:100% in the cfgrid in coldfusion 9. Yuo can either user autowidth or use a static width in pixels.

2. if you have concerns about the screen resolution, just detect the screen width and deduct domeamount of pixels to create a div of that width and inside that div, create your cfgrid. it works flwlessly


let me know if you need more clarity

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PanosAuthor Commented:
Hi myselfrandhawa
Can you help me with the second way?
I was thinking to use javascript to get the width of the div where i have placed my cfrid.
Because coldfusion doesn't read js variables i tried to set a cookie and reload the page but i didn't get it work.

PanosAuthor Commented:
Some else.
I set width="autowidth"   to get width="100%" but i get an error in firebug:
autowidth is not defined
_cf_GRIDTAG_initAjaxGrid_1317750976159()texttable.cfm (¿¿aµµ¿ 275)
fire()cfajax.js (line 1101)
windowLoadHandler(e=load )cfajax.js (¿¿aµµ¿ 1205)
[¿¿a¿¿p¿ s' a¿t¿ t¿ sf¿¿µa] ColdFusion.Grid.init('Texttablegrid'...','change'],['filter','','change']]);
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PanosAuthor Commented:
Don't answer my last comment. I change it to autoWidth = "Yes"  .
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaCEOCommented:
other way will be to pass the width through the url like suppose you are passing some variable in the address bar as:

<a hef="abc.cfm?id=#id#" + "&size=" + screen.width;>bac</a>

so bac page u get size of the window page an dthen based on that just deduct some amount like size-100 to match the screen page size and create a scrolling div and inside the div call the cfgrid tag

all done
PanosAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your help.
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