CatalogData folder in Exchange 2007


In my exchange server 2007 in each database folder there is a folder named "catalogData........" and there are various files in it. I would like to find out the information about what each file type stands for or purpose


I googled it but couldn't find much information ... your help will be appreciated
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dmwynneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is used for searchindexes.

Read the comments section as well.
MorasivaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The jrs. files are reserve transaction log files and therefore act as placeholders. They are only used when the hard disk drive that contains the transaction log runs out of space to stop the queue database cleanly.

The following are the content index-related extensions

When the number and size of the CI files grow too large, a Master Merge is performed automatically by design to consolidate the indexes and shrink the overall size of the Content Index
During a Master Merge of the Content Index files, the “Catalog” folder containing the content index files typically grow twice the normal size or up to 20% of the mailbox database size.
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