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The information at this link:'

almost provides what I need, except I have to convert 200,000 files from a proprietary format and put each one in a different location determined by its current location.  I figure if the tools are on the machine I can silently print to PDF, but it seems a bit awkward to have to change the INI for every file as described in the article.

Is there a better tool or approach for what I need to do?

Please advise.
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Jacques Bourgeois (James Burger)PresidentCommented:
Most pdf tools require the user intervention to specify where to store the resulting file.

You need to find a pdf tool that can be controlled by code. A good place to search is I got one there about 10 years ago that I could use in Access and that cost only $10. The customer for whom I developed the applicatino used it up to last year without never encountering problem.

They probably have something that can also be used in .NET.

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If you feel comfortable writing .net code the best library out there for pdf manipulation is the iText one or the iTextSharp .NEt offshoot.
The documentation is extensive but you may need to translate stuff from the original Java language iText project to work with .NET

If you're into scripting, you can drive the PDF forge printer using any of the scripting languages (vbscript, javascript) or code through the COM object

There are tons of examples included in the installer for the pdf creator
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