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In my website http;// i have tried google adsense; but every  time after a couple of weeks the account gets disabled. So i have now decided to do away with google adsense. But i would still love to have some sort of graphics/animations etc on certain page's sidebar. I feel the site is incomplete without it. So, please suggest me some other options in regards to ads or site that has free cartoons with respect to information security that i can use in my website.

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I forgot to answer your question about cartoons to put on a website. There are many sites that you can get cartoons from. Here are a couple:

You could probably find more - it's pretty much up to what kind you like personally.

use links for marketing purpose, so that it open new web page which work as ad
MSN and Yahoo have combined their online ads:

There are other ad networks such as or

And the following is probably more information than you need but it shows a list of advertising vendors:

Note: some of these would require you to be an affiliate and you would get a commission for any purchases that came through someone clicking a link on your page. Some of the affiliate networks would have products that are information security-related (the biggest one is Commission Junction).

You can also become an affiliate of Ebay or Amazon - each of these have the ability to have an advertising sidebar and you can select the product area to show (in your case, possibly software that relates to security)

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