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remove array text from print_r and add some html...


I have a text field in my database, it i used for meta tags, the user enters them into the system as so...
learning,  training, accessibility

so i want to extract the items between the commas and display as text AND wrap some HTML around it...

I have no idea how to do this and spent the last hour reading with no luck.. this is my code so far

So far I have come up with this...

$str = $row_Recordset_getevent['blog_meta_tags'];

print_r(explode(',', $str, -1));

which will output...

Array ( [0] => learning [1] => training [2] => accessibility ) 

What I want it to output is...

<a href="blog_feed.php?tag=learning">learning</a>, <a href="blog_feed.php?tag=training">training</a>,<a href="blog_feed.php?tag=accessibility">accessibility</a>

And even better, if I could get inside the out put and add some PHP functions, that would be great...

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woops on line 5 it should be $link = "<a href='blog_feed.php?tag=$tag'>$tag</a>";
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thank you