Uncorrect Memory Error Message

 I rebuilt an older Dell Precision 370 running Windows 2000 and it ran fine for the first day after I had rebuilt it, but the PC was basically sitting idle the entire time. Today is the first day that I have started running programs and put it under some strain. After about an hour I received a semi-blue screen message. When I say "semi-blue screen" the entire OS did not go down. I have a quad core video card and four monitors. The blue screen I received only appeared on one screen.
  There was another monitor that still had the my main program running on it and the other two monitors were black, but I am not sure if there was nothing there or did they just turn black. When I rebooted the PC I received a message "uncorrected memory error previously detected in 3FBD7000h." I was thinking about replacing the memory but I wanted to see it anyone else had an idea of the error message I received.
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In this case I would run the dell Diagnostic disk, its the best option to eliminate hardware issues, you should have the option for f12 if not you can make a dell diag disk, or use ubcd http://www.ubcd4win.com/

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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
The error message you saw was almost certainly from the BIOS system error log.  Since it identifies a memory error, running Memtest-86+ on the system for several passes would be a logical next step.

A multicore video card such as a Radeon 4000, 5000 or 6000 series can seriously tax the capacity of a system to keep up with it.  If such a card is overclocked, say, using Catalyst Control Center, all bets on system stability are off.

Windows XP has somewhat better error handling capabilities and drivers than Windows 2000.  Unless there is an issue forcing retention of W2K, upgrading the system to XP would be desirable in terms of supportability, stability and especially, Microsoft ongoing support for system security issues.
Matthew_BAuthor Commented:
The day after you sent me this message a Dell tech came by to help another department's tech guy and he had the exact program on his thumb drive and it detected a problem with several parts. I am going to try and replace them today and see if it helps.
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