Powerpoint 2010 - Slide Show Set Up Options

What does Show without Narration mean?  (The presenter is the narrator, no?)
What does Show without Animation mean?   (No flash elements in ppt files?)
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Echo_SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PowerPoint gives you an option to record narrations (audio) -- this is often used for self-running presentations, so the narrations are set to play automatically. The option to show without narration shows your presentation without playing the narrations. Your mouse can be turned into a laser pointer, and its usage is also considered a narration. Opting to show without playing narrations means that these recorded mouse laser actions also don't display.

Show without animation -- this is similar. It lets you run your presentation without all the animations. Say you have a presentation with a lot of animation, and you want to review it quickly. You could opt to Show without Animation to do so.
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
Echo_S is correct.
  You may note in PowerPoint an optin to record narration.  Show with narrations plays back the audio and changes slides with the timings recorded.

 Custom animations can be created within slides for bullet lists, graphic image fly-ins, slide to slide transitions.   These animations will not be shown when presented with Show without animations.

I know this is a restatement, but wanted to clarify what animations are.  One may want to review content of a presenatation without the added time of animations, so the option is available with Show without animations.
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