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I will attach pics to make it easy to see what I'm talking about.  I uploaded the ITteam site template to my new SharePoint 2010 site, and all was well until I started adding projects. When I create new tasks and assign them to projects they show up in the task portion of the site under the project (after modifing the view), but if i open a project I no longer get the related tasks, issues, and milestones. Any ideas? (see pics)     2010 view 3.0 view
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Ramkisan JagtapLead DeveloperCommented:
I think you need to add look up field for task in your project list template. Where you can assign tasks to the project and then it show up the related task. Dont forget to check allow multiples when creating lookup field.

rstahl08Author Commented:
Ya i tried that and nothing shows up from the look up so I'm guessing the template is just messed up.  It would be nice to get some 2010 designed templates...
rstahl08Author Commented:
Are you sugesting to save the project list as a template from the 2003 and uploading it to the 2010?
rstahl08Author Commented:
The templates wer just not designed to work in 2010.  Hopefully we can get some cool 2010 templates someday.
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