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Hi Experts,
I really need and advise of an expert web designer in how tohave abest looking top menu in my site, any suggestions on the color, hover color, sub menu items color and text would really help
Thanks in advance.!
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I think It depends on your color scheme, does it match?
You can find this color picker useful in order to find relative colors: 
Also make sure it's easy to read text, as I can see you use blue font color on blue background, it isn't good.
Read this article which I find useful:
TonyRebaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, any other advise?
I would agree with SSupreme. Aesthetics and usability are not always one-in-the-same. I would recommend using color pickers to see what would not only contrast, but what would go well. You may also wish to visit some "blue" based websites yourself to get more inspiration.
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When ever I am doing a menu like this for a site, I always look at the contrasting colors already in use on the site.  For example, in your case the use of orange, gray or that sea-foam green would work nicely for text and borders.  Lighter colors work best for sliding menu's.  For texts and roll-overs, look into such colors as;


I use a utility called ColorSchemer when sampling colors, and look at some sample themes, has a bunch.  I use these guys a lot, 
But remember this can quickly become a nightmare of colors.  Find something you like, then run it by the client, they have the last word.
@ SSupreme

What does this have to do with CSS and color schemes?
@  mgfranz
As you can see it doesn't, it just reminder for you that whatever you do CSS or color schemes, you do it for user.
Like USA flag, it is for everyone, so everyone can recognize it, I am talking about colorblind people as well.
If you have blue background and purple-blue color font, some people won't see what is written, they even cannot think that there is something written.
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