Search Exchange Journal for Keywords

I need to search archived Exchange 2003 journaling stores for keywords.

I have reveiwed our current Journaling implementations (comparing settings to this link and this technet article) and our corporate journals seem to be configured very similar to the recommendations outlined.

As a result of limited space and large jorunaling databases, we routinely move journaling dbs to archival media and start a new journaling db.

I have three questions:

1. Mounting Archived Journals

 How would you recommend I mount these stored DBs - expressly concerning the fact these dbs have been relocated to archival storage (in this case, NAS units)?

2. Search Journals For Keywords

 How does one search journaling stores for keywords?  Is the a publishation on this on the www?

3. Filtering Search Results

 Does the search process allow one to filter to a date range(s)?  keywords within attachments?  wildcards?  multiple keywords in one search?
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1. You could restore your offline Journal DB over the current one and then use Outlook to connect and do the desired searches, however since your Journal DB is still currently active I don't think you want to do that because it would pretty much mess things up because new journal data would then flow into the old DB that you recovered to and...

2. I suppose you could create a private replication of your current server and DC etc that is cordoned off/disconnect from your regular network and then you could recover the different point in time backups for the Journal DB and then search with Outlook.

3. The Journal DB is basically one big mailbox so searching it takes a bit of time and like I said you can do most things with outlook

4. Your best option would be to obtain a 3rd party utility that can mount offline databases with the ability to search for keywords, attachments etc.  Just do a search in Google for something like "Search Offline Exchange Journal Database"

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j9thompAuthor Commented:
Most of your suggestions were I was...thank you! is what I opted for.  ;)

We use EAS to archive our email - including our journaling mailbox.  I opted to use EAS to search the journaling archive (all 2Tb of it - which include mail from journals that have been moved to archival locations).

After searching for 60 keywords within 3 users journal results for a 9 month timeframe, I found 146 emails.  

Thanks for the input...I remain interested in resolving the original questions - yet am certain that time vs. ROI is not significant.  
ok yes if you have a full blown archiving system and your Journal DB is just the interim point, i.e. assume all items sent received are journaled and then EAS extracts the data based upon your settings and stores it in the long time archive?  If so then yea you are best to search your actual EAS archive system since it should have all pertinent data.

As far as how to do with the Journal databases my above suggestions are the way to make it happen and in your case if you have the time and resources you may want to create a recovery network that is disconnected from your live system so that you can rotate out the journaling EDB and search at will, but as you say you need to weigh the ROI vs time and resources and unless there is something I am missing it wouldn't seem prudent to do so since the EAS archive has what you need eh?
Thanks for the points as well :-)
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