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Lexical error when selecting data with date value in where clause

Hello, I'm attempting to execute the attached statement but keep getting the following error:

ERROR [3700] [AR System ODBC Driver]Expected lexical element not found: )

If I remove the date parameter the query executes propely. What do I need to do in order to refine my select statement to include date?
Dim RemedyLast As String = "2011-10-04 13:36:02.107"
        Dim tsdate = "{ ts '" + Format$(RemedyLast, "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.ff") + "' }"

        ' Set up query string
        Dim CmdString As String = "SELECT ""Contact Name"", ""Contact Phone"", ""Create-date"", ""Div."", ""ETA Timestamp"", """ & _
        "Last-modified-by"", ""Modified-date"", ""Onsite Timestamp"", Priority, ""Problem Descr" & _
        "iption"", ""Record-Id"", Resolution, ""Service Status"", ""Site ID"", Status, ""Symptom " & _
        "Type"", ""Vendor Name"", ""Vendor Notify Timestamp"", ""Budget Line Item #"", ""Bill to " & _
        "Account #"", Log, ""Critical Notes"" FROM ISD ISD WHERE ((""Vendor Name"" = 'me') or (""Vendor Name"" = 'me-l') or (""Vendor Name"" = 'me-mn') or (""Vendor Name"" = 'me-tn')) AND (""Modif" & _
        "ied-date"" >= " + tsdate + " )"

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