Sharepoint App for iPAD

I am wondering if someone can tell me which is the best app for an iPAD wanting to connect to our Sharepoint Server.

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Also try the Moprise application.  Here is a great link on working with it.
SharePlus is a great app but it relies on third party applications such as Documents to Go. In a way SharePlus is comparable to SharePoint, in the same way that SharePoint relies on Word, Excel, and other apps to do the doc editing part, SharePlus relies on specific apps.

With SharePoint 2010, the Mac rules have been rewritten! Almost all of the things you can do with SharePoint 2010 using Internet Explorer can be done with other browsers thanks to JavaScript and AJAX.

With the iPhone or iPod (Touch), SharePoint 2010 can be leveraged from the Safari browser. Once connected, SharePoint automatically displays the site in a mobile optimized format.
In SharePoint 2010, the mobile site capability has been greatly upgraded. You have better control over which SharePoint site list or library you want to
make available on SharePoint mobile. Second, customizing the look and feel of SharePoint mobile is easier compared to the prior version.
From a user perspective, being able to access a SharePoint 2010 site from an iPhone or iPod allows the capability to look up information or documents while mobile. In addition, simple updates to lists can be achieved as well.  

Here's a great link on the SharePoint team blog on addressing browser limitations on an iPad.
MECITAuthor Commented:
I have downloaded both but seem to be having issues with both

SharePlus - able to login to our server but I am not able to see all documents and when navigating to subsites it goes in a loop, like it is being stopped to go forward.

Moprise - I cant even login . I have tried everything I can think of.
If you can't get those to work then you'll have to use an agent on your sharepoint server similiar to this.
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