In terminal server, how can I install a piece of software for just one user


The company I am working for uses terminal server (2008 R2) for VPN users. I need to install some finance software but I only want to install it on one users profile.  How do I do this without installing it on all users?

Thanks, David
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Pretty sure if you install it on that users profile it will be specific to that user.  You could always lock down the program file folders associated with the program as well and set permissions to only allow that user making it un-useable by anyone else.
Carl WebsterCommented:
You install the app in the normal way and then you can restrict who has access to the folder tree or executable using NTFS permissions.  Make sure you don't set it in such a way as you are blocked!
Darius GhassemCommented:
You can not install the software on one user's profile.
Jaroslav MrazCTOCommented:
Yes this is only solution. If you have thay you dont need instal or have opinion for one user stil you need to change ntfs premisions to be shure.

and user shoudnt bee administrator becouse administrator can change this settings even he didnt have access.
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