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please how can I know the last logon for a user in Active directory
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Darius GhassemCommented:
Here is a script that gets you the last logon for the users.
How mnay DCs do you have?

You can query the lastlogon attribnute on each DC using programs like ADFind or powershell

adfind -default -f "(&(objectcategory=person)(objectclass=user)" samaccountname,lastlogon

or query the lastlogontimestamp which is replicated every 9-14 days

adfind -default -f "(&(objectcategory=person)(objectclass=user)" samaccountname,lastlogontimestamp
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DRRAMAuthor Commented:
it is in power shell
is that you have another in vbs
or other idea or command
DRRAMAuthor Commented:


does not work

ldap_get_next_page_s: [] Error 0x57 (87) - Erreur de filtr

0 Objects returned
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Or a great toolset that can be purchased for not much money. Every sysadmin should have a copy!
Thats one of the tools in the toolset

The full toolset is at

forgot a )

adfind -default -f "(&(objectcategory=person)(objectclass=user))" samaccountname,lastlogon

there is also a swithc to decode the timestamp

DRRAMAuthor Commented:
""adfind -default -f "(&(objectcategory=person)(objectclass=user))" samaccountname,lastlogon"""

it not give me the date and duration of the last logon ..????
sorry do not use the comma

adfind -default -f "(&(objectcategory=person)(objectclass=user))" samaccountname lastlogon -tdcs
DRRAMAuthor Commented:

very well
and if I well clarify that the users not connect from 180 days
You can use ADFind for that but I think another one of joes tools is easier to use for this, oldcomp

here is an ADFind example

Oldcmp.exe –report –users –age 180 –llts
DRRAMAuthor Commented:
OldCmp V01.05.00cpp Joe Richards ( December 2004

ERROR: No action options specified.
ERROR: Please specify one of the following:
ERROR:      /report
ERROR:      /disable
ERROR:      /delete

Type oldcmp /help or oldcmp /? for usage assistance.

Oldcmp.exe /report /users /age 180 -llts
DRRAMAuthor Commented:
age 180 ?????
From the help file

 -age x         Min Days Old for password age.  (Default 90 days)

 -llts          If K3 domain in Domain Functional mode uses
                lastLogonTimeStamp instead of pwdLastSet for age options.
SandeshdubeySenior Server EngineerCommented:
You can use third party software True Last Logon 2.9.You can export the file in excel for report creation.You can use the trial version this will achieve what you are looking for.

True Last Logon displays the following Active Directory information:
--Users real name and logon name
--Detailed account status
--Last Logon Date & Time
--Last Logon Timestamp (Replicated value)
--Account Expiry Date & Time
--Enabled or Disabled Account
--Locked Accounts
--Password Expires
--Password Last Set Date & Time
--Logon Count
--Bad Password Count
--Expiry Date
--You can also query for any other attribute (Example: Description, telephone Number, custom attibutes etc)

Refer the below link for trial version:

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