Wamp installed parallel with IIS 7.5

Hi there,

I've installed Wamp onto my Windows 7 Ultimate computer, and have changed the "Listen" port number to 8181 (http://localhost:8181), but it still does not load a .php page.

Need to get things working, hope you can help.

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mitdanielsAuthor Commented:
I'm afraid the solution was much too obvious - I did on click the "Put online" option.

Sorry about that, I was about to delete this question, but I was not quick enough.

Thanks all the same. I'll probably have more Php questions in the coming days and weeks though.
check your php installation, and make sure you have the php modules loaded on apache.. check your httpd config files and look for the php_module line, sometimes it doesn't register properly.

Also, test php by opening the command line and typing in 'php -v' and make sure it doesn't throw an error.

Does the PHP page connect to a database?

If so, make sure you have the php modules for mysql (if you're using mysql)
My next question was going to be to check netstat to make sure the port was listening xD

Well, congrats!
mitdanielsAuthor Commented:
I found the answer to my question, but was too late in deleting the question in time.
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