2 Users unable to receive mail from each other on BlackBerry

Running BES for Exchange 5.0.3 MR4 connecting to Exchange 2007 SP1. Of 26 users, there are 2 who cannot receive messages from each other on their BlackBerry. They receive them in Outlook fine sent from BlackBerry or Outlook. Checking mailbox with OWA for a reference message, see a message was delivered to Inbox. At the time this reference message was sent, there are no events logged in Application log on BES server. Any ideas on what to check?

If there's a chance it might help out, a migration to Exchange 2010 is about to be started.
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ByteCafeSupportAuthor Commented:
We had some other issues Exchange permissions after moving from Exchange 2007 to 2010. RIM support fixed.
MikeIT ProfessionalCommented:
Could it be possible that there is a filter set on the users account on the phone?  If outlook is getting the emails and the device is not, something is stopping it.  A filter as you probably know will have it not deliver certain emails to the device.
Change the setting in Microsoft Outlook to keep the email messages on the messaging server, rather than downloading them to a .pst file.

try to send from another email accounts of the each user, if they are able to receive,
Delete the service books for the particular email account, which they are not able to get mails, and re-send them.
Check the Filters setup.

Check this for reference:

ByteCafeSupportAuthor Commented:
Problem caused by permissions problem in Exchange 2010.
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