Can this stored procedure loose data? "FOR XML EXPLICIT"

I have a problem with the stored procedure attached.
The sp will copy records from a table and set status to 3 (signal that record is retrieved).
The problem is that sometimes the status is updated but the data is not copied.
I am not familiar with the "FOR XML EXPLICIT" and wonder it this is OK to use in a transaction.
Is there a transaction problem in this stored procedure?
If so is there an easy way to avoid it or should we just rewrite the whole thing?

NB: The sp is fired from Biztalk, but I am not sure how.

Thank you for your efforts,

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[B2B$GetOutboundMessages]  AS
      /* Read up to 10 messages from the queue */
            SELECT TOP 10 ID INTO #B2B_NAV_TEMP FROM dbo.[GSC$Outbound Message] WHERE Status=1 AND Folder IN ('RSN','X12','B2B') AND Type='DT2000' ORDER BY [Date]

            SELECT 1 AS Tag, NULL AS Parent,
                  'http://XX.XXXX.B2B/Navision/OutboundMessage' AS [Message!1!xmlns],
                  ID AS [Message!1!ID],
                  Folder AS [Message!1!Folder],
                  [Document No_] AS [Message!1!OutboundDocumentNo],
                  [Message] AS [Message!1!!CDATA]
                  FROM dbo.[GSC$Outbound Message]
                  WHERE ID IN (SELECT ID FROM #B2B_NAV_TEMP)
                  FOR XML EXPLICIT, BINARY BASE64
            UPDATE dbo.[GSC$Outbound Message] SET Status=3 WHERE ID IN (SELECT ID FROM #B2B_NAV_TEMP)
            DROP TABLE #B2B_NAV_TEMP

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Well the Tag & Parent are not well formed
Alternatively, you can use a much simpler method described in
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
>>Well the Tag & Parent are not well formed <<
Why would you say that?
AndersHedegaardAuthor Commented:
Thank you so far but do you see any problems with the stored procedure regarding transaction?
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
I don't see any problems with your code.  You could write it more efficiently, but the Stored Procedure as written is sound.

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AndersHedegaardAuthor Commented:
More information could be good.
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