Outlook Express Asks to Archive, but I do not have Outlook express installed.

I'm running windows XP and everytime I restart my computer it asks if want to archive Outlook Express.  I do not, nor ever have had outlook express on this computer. Any ideas? I do have outlook, and it achives per its set schedule.
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Jaroslav MrazConnect With a Mentor CTOCommented:
Hi outlook express is preinstlaed with your XP.

You can easy remove it.

Go to control panel
uninstal apps
add or remove windows components
an  there untick outlook exxpres and click on ok
it uninstal it automaticly

but you can be promted for windows isntatltion cd
Outlook Express is a feature of windows xp, if you go to COntrol panel and  then go to add remove programs-> you will (using classic view) see a linkk on the left that says to add windows features, there - you can add or remove outlook express. try adding it back in again and see if the issue goes away. It sounds like you have something on the machine that wants to use outlook express. that setting would have to be changed. or reconfigured if you dont want to use express.


The link above may help.

clsports3Author Commented:
Thanks Louis,
I used the first answer and it worked!
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