Solaris: how to set which network card comes up

I've got two NICs in a Server, bge0 & bge1. I only want one UP at a time; that was bge0 but has now been changed to bge1. Problem is that when the Server is rebooted, bge0 is UP, not bge1. Have to bring it up manually with ifconfig. How can I get it to default to bge1?
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You should move your file /etc/hostname.bge0 to /etc/hostname.bge1
Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
To bring bge1 up

# ifconfig bge1 plumb
# ifconfig bge1 up
# ifconfig -a

To bring bge0 down

# ifconfig bge0 down
# ifconfig bge0 unplumb
# ifconfig -a
ganjos, the asker asked how to preserve these changes across reboot.
Parparov is correct.  Here is an official link on the use of /etc/hostname.interface files from Oracle.
itwexAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all feedback. I'd copied hostname.bge0 to hostname.bge1; I guess if both exist '0' takes precedence.
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