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Hi Guys,

Need some advice, last week i setup a Windows 2008r2 Remote desktop server (Terminal Services), the server is a member server and all OS is installed on the C drive, the d drive is for the user profiles etc.

One of the on-site guys today changed some ntfs permissions in the C:\windows folders and then realized the many problems started to happen.  He's managed to undo what he thinks what was changed but i'm not confident all the permissions have been put back as i never done it.

Luckily the server has not gone live just yet, aiming for the 14th so i have a little time.

Does anyone know if there is any sort of "reset tool" that will put the windows directory and its sub directories back to default permission.

The server has no current issues but i really don't want any surprises once its gone live.


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roger_patelAuthor Commented:
Thanks but we took the call and rebuilt the server.
Matthew EnglandTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Not really, but you can use the Microsoft Security Configuration & Analysis tool paired with the defltsv.inf template in order to see any changes from a typical Server 2008 install. It includes much more than just the file system settings you are concerned with so I would advise only to use the "Analyze" option, and then correct the settings manually. You can of course make a copy then edit the INF file to remove any items you're not concerned with if you do want to "Configure" your server with it.

1. Open a new MMC, and add the Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in
2. Follow the instructions to create a new database, and when prompted select the defltsv.inf template (C:\Windows\inf\defltsv.inf)
3. Once the template is imported, right-click, and choose Analyze Computer Nowoption from the context menu.

Once the system scan is complete, you'll be able to expand and browse through the tree of objects checked, and you can make the decision  at that point as to how you want to correct the issue, either manually or by using the Configure Computer Now option.
roger_patelAuthor Commented:
rebuilt server
roger_patelAuthor Commented:
rebuilt server
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