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Prevent messages being sent from Android for locked account

We recently locked an account in AD for a user that was terminated from a company. Later I find out that he was still sending messages from his Android device. I go on to reset the password to something he does not know plus I modify the email address assocaited with the mailbox (e.g. change jsmith@abc.com to jsmith543@abc.com). Then later we find another message sent from his Android device and it even had the 'from' address stated as the modified email address (smith543@abc.com).

That said, what are the correct steps to ensure any/all smartphones can no longer communicate with an Exchange 2007 server once the user account is locked?
1 Solution
If the account is disabled it should not work, if the password is wrong it should not work either.

If you right click on his mailbox and do manage mobile device you can remove the partnership.

You could go into his mailbox settings, then the mailbox features tab and disable Exchange ActiveSync.
Simplest one is to disable activesync from mailbox properties.

EMC--> Recipient Configuration-->Mailbox, select the mailbox and select properties. Under Mailbox features you will find option to disable it.

Another option is to create transport rule

1. Apply rule to messages from XXX

2. Silently drop the message.
yo_beeDirector of ITCommented:
what type of exchange server are you on?
bnrtechAuthor Commented:
Thanks! That was an easy and very helpful tip.

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