Is there a log that I can find out who deleted emails in a shared email account?

One of our departments utilizes a shared email account to answer customer questions. Multiple people from our company manage this account. Today there were a large amount of emails deleted and we wanted to find out who did it. Is there a log to check that on the email server?

Each user has this generic account added to their outlook in addition to their personal company account.

We are running Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2003 in our environment.
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I dont think so even with audit log in Exchange 2007 you cannot find any information about how deletes the email. But you can definetly find who opened it etc and can sense who might have deleted it but thats for future.

Check this


Access Auditing does not audit message deletions, only message access."

A similar question was asked in another forum

They talk about IRM but as the mailbox is shared it may not be helpful but you can enable the registy keys to recover deleted items.

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