Microsoft Exchange 2007 -- pop3 setup ?

My exchange server currently does not have "POP3" enabled because of security.

1. How can I setup one of my 100 email address as "POP3" ?

2. What kind of security issues should I be concerned about when adding one "POP3" account ?
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check this out for setting the receive connector -
I wouldn't be to concerned about security with pop3, but thats just me.  I believe it is the same as 2010, you set the pop3 service to startup automatically and then under the users info you would enable the pop3.  I'm gonna find a walkthrough
see this -

and this -

not a walkthrough, but it will work.  I believe for security you can create a receive connector for the one user and limit it to receive from just the one ip address, assuming its a desktop?
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