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Hopefully, this does not sound too hard to do. I want to migrate my email accounts to a Hosted Exchange server. Since this is a hosted exchange solution, it is not on my network nor is my network a part of active directory.

My hosted exchange server has an admin account. The hosted exchaneg server also has rpc over https enabled.

I would like to establish an admin link from the hosted exchange account to my network usign Windows PowerShell or somethign so that I can use admin credentials to connect to hosted email accounts. Does this make sense? I want to give one power user access to all the accounts so that no password is required. I want to do this through powershell, but perhaps there is another way, such as installing the exchange management shell on the local network.

anyway, I hope this makes sense. I am still trying to figure out what is the best configuraiton, but I would also like to know what my choices are. So, please jump in if you have some ideas on what can be done. I don't care if you can come up with the best answer. Any valid ideas will be appreciated.

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jhiebAuthor Commented:

This is a good TechNet article for migrating from hosted exchange to Exchange online, or what I am now assuming could be Office 365. I am more focused on permissions and keep passing this article up. But, maybe I should read through it again. Thank you very much for sending me the link.

The deployment guide for Office365 should be very helpful
jhiebAuthor Commented:
These are good articles and I will look through them. Thanks.
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