Win 7 - user says she has duplicate folders (pics) Perhaps confusing Librarys

I can see how a novice might think that Win 7 pics and the Library can be confusing.

I think this is the end users problem.  Any way of making things clearer to an XP user?
Im very tired and dont know if Ive worded this q right.

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My personal preference is to customize the view in Windows Explorer.  While in that window, select the Organize pull-down menu and choose Folder and search options.  Under the section named Navigation pane, check the box in front of Show all folders.

Once that is done, on the left side of the Windows Explorer window have the user collapse the Libraries section and expand the section pertaining to their user profile name.  They will then see rather traditional folders for My Documents, My Pictures, etc.
If you have the users documents folder redirected to a server there will often be duplicates.  A blank pics/music/videos/documents folder will often remain in c:\users\username.

You just need to delete them from there.
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