Unable to change sentinal character on IBM SurePOS 500 series magnetic swipe card reader

Hi experts,

We have an IBM SurePOS  500 Express bundle (model 4961-E2S, which is based on the 4852-xx6 model). The magnetic swipe card reader (MSR) failed on us, and as the unit was out of warranty, we ordered a replacement MSR - IBM part number 54Y2543.

The point of sale software which we're using is RedCat, and the MSR is configured in Keyboard mode.

We need to change the sentinel on the second track from + to ;   however, despite following IBM's instructions on how to run the IBM RSS MSR Configuration Utility (changed the switch on the MSR from Keyboard to Serial as well), it would not connect to the MSR and obtain the config.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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strafexxAuthor Commented:
Managed to fix this myself.

For the record - the serial/keyboard mode is also controller in the BIOS of the system, as well as the toggle switch on the magnetic swipe reader. You need to switch both to serial / keyboard in order to do it.

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